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Dream Support  Activities

It takes a lot of support to make your dreams come true. 

​Hope Library will continue to provide such support. 


International Youth Fairy Tale Writing Contest

The Become an International Youth Writer project was launched considering that young people struggle to find value due to grades or competition.

The project will put a book of young people's stories into a free app to connect students around the world and help them understand different cultural backgrounds.

We provide a good opportunity to develop character by writing fairy tales with the theme of good character.   

​reading camp 

At the reading camp, you can experience various activities related to reading. Various programs such as reading books, meeting with writers, sharing works, and creative activities are prepared, through which you can develop creative ideas and human relationships and feel the joy of reading.


Various dream support education programs

Our goal is to equip participants with the knowledge and confidence to discover and achieve their dreams. The following are educational programs that can develop the competencies needed to achieve one's dreams.

  • Career Exploration Camp: Provides the skills and information needed to prepare for a career that suits you and find a job.

  • Entrepreneurship Idea Camp: You can discover ideas necessary for entrepreneurship and learn entrepreneurship processes and techniques.

  • Leadership Program: Develop individual leadership skills and strengthen teamwork and communication skills.

  • Art education program: Through art and creation, creativity and sensibility can be developed and artistic competence can be improved.

  • Volunteer Activities: You can demonstrate social responsibility and leadership through volunteer activities.

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