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Character reading education

​We train future leaders who are competent and have good character through reading and character.  

The 12 Core Characteristics:

  1. Enthusiasm: Doing our best with joy and exceeding expectations

  2. Definition: I will do what is right no matter how hard it is

  3. Responsibility: I know what others expect of me and I will do it

  4. Humility: Respect others and humble oneself

  5. Diligence: I will diligently use the opportunities and talents given to me to bear fruit.

  6. Temperance: I will limit my desire to get my way in order to get something better

  7. Respect: Putting the happiness of others before your own pleasure

  8. Forgiveness: Recognizing that I am a weak being myself, I will not avenge the hurt others have given me, but will do good.

  9. Gratitude: I will express in words and actions the benefits others have given me.

  10. Obedience: I will gladly follow the directions of those who are protecting me.

  11. Sharing: I will help others to be happy

  12. Honesty: I will tell it as it is, in my words and in my life, without embellishment.



Character reading management expert 

We learn the social science principles for an abundant life and help you create sustainable results. And we train students to design the three major values of life: excellent performance, close relationships, and meaningful life.

In addition, 12 types of character are learned through reading, and effective reading methods are taught to discover character through reading.

This course increases self-confidence and character, and provides new possibilities and opportunities for development. 


Pumseong Reading Junior

We help students develop character education, learning methods, and self-directed training so that they can be applied to non-formal school systems such as after-school learning or home school. You can create a sustainable learning system by adjusting the level of difficulty with a non-one-off book.



character family reading

Character family reading Reading time with the whole family is a great way to increase family bonding and communication. 

This program selects books on a variety of topics, and families have time to read, discuss, and share their thoughts together. Through this, conversation and communication between family members can be promoted, and you can learn to understand and respect each other's thoughts.


Character Card Education

Education using personality cards is a form of learning the value of personality through play, and participants can easily learn.

Through character cards, participants can stimulate their emotions, communicate with each other, and solve problems together while developing their character and thinking skills.

This program can be used by educational institutions, schools, businesses and organizations. In an era where the need for personality education is growing, education using personality cards will be of great help to many people.

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