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“Hope Library exists to present a dream with books and character to those who cannot dream, and to help them achieve their dreams by sharing resources. "

Mission of Hope Library

 our vision 

10 thousands

10,000 Library of Hope

100 thousands

Cultivating 100,000 reading leaders

1.0 Million

Create 1 million reading groups 

나무 책장
  • We build a library of hope so that people can easily access and read books.

  • We create scholarships and provide educational contents to help people find their dreams.

  • Create a large human and physical network to support your dreams.

  • We provide a reading program for self-development through quality books.

  • We support talents and resources that can help each person achieve their dreams.

  • We produce reading leaders who will lead the reading movement around the world.

Core Values of Hope Library


Passion comes from having a dream. 

​The size of your dreams determines the size of your life.

We have a heart-throbbing dream, live passionately for that dream, and share our talents and resources to support each other's dreams.  


Investing in yourself is the most valuable investment.

We train our character with our inner abilities and develop the ability to grow as a whole and realize our dreams through reading. By sharing the fruits of our growth, we help others grow.

여자 색칠


Let's study and give others!

​This world becomes more beautiful and richer when we share. 

We live a life of delivering blessings to others through the resources and fruits of our lives through the Hope Library dream sharing platform. We work in solidarity with those in need for this work.

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