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The path taken by Hope Library 


January,        Aedeok Orphanage, Taiwon Welfare Center, Guangxi Mia, Xian's Orphanage Chakjiwon

June 13,    China Mipei Boseo Orphanage Library Establishment: Establishment of the 1st Hope Library

August 9,     Provided 35 Kindles to 7 seminaries in the Philippines, 153 e-books for each Kindle ($5,000)

On October 30, donated 50 books to 7 seminaries in the Philippines

November,    Mongolia    Hope Library book support  / Book support in Posha, Cambodia


January 12,    The 3rd Korean-Chinese Art Contest for Hope Library Support

Works by Chinese students and Chinese students

Feb. 26    Character reading coaching program development started

April 6     Philippine Small Library Association, a strategic partner of Philippine Library of Hope, visited Korea,

Binder reading of lectures

Application to the Philippines

May 6      Hope Library Vision Trip in Cambodia. and book gift.

May 13     Uganda Uganda Katago Hope Library book donation and performance

May 28    Myanmar Children's Mission Seminary Donation of books: 700,000 won

June 7     Establishment of Hope Library in Iloilo, Philippines

June 18     The first meeting of the board of directors to establish a library of hope non-profit organization 4 people,

August 9:  Donated 500,000 KRW to the Hope Library branch in Cambodia to develop a library movement

August 15     3P Viva & Treasure Hunt 10 students received scholarships,  students and their parents attended So he went on a journey to find his dream. 

September 11      Official registration of Hope Library Book Sharing Association

September 25,  Dream Dreams MOU signed: NGO organization that builds schools in missionary areas

27 Oct, Friendship Library Association of  the Philippines. Signed MOU with INC

On November 6,    140 books were given to participants of the 8th Eoseonggyeong Compaq.

November 16th,   Tanzania Yangho Cho Branch Manager 3P Reading Management Seminar Security Support

November 19th,   Three Pizza Self-Management Research Institute  MOU signed:  Largest reading group in Korea, about 500 company that operates

November 19th,    Established 'Milagros Hope Library' in Antipolo, Philippines

December 11,    Building the Giving Tree Hope Library in Uganda

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