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Participation Guide

We plan to set up libraries in countries in need to supply books and provide various help to people connected with books. We want to be an important channel serving the local community. 

​I want various talents such as education, medical care, construction, and culture to be delivered through Hope Library. 

Request a talent donation!

talent donation

Books give you the most efficient results with a small investment.   

Many children are unable to get close to books due to lack of understanding. 

Please be a reading mentoring to such friends. Small With interest and love, you will be able to acquire a good tool that will help you in your lifetime. 

reading mentoring

One book has become a life-changing power for some people. 

If Alvin Totler, a world-renowned futurist, hadn't read like crazy, he might have lived as a dock worker for the rest of his life. If Napoleon hadn't read like crazy, he might have been an outcast all his life. If Bill Gates hadn't read like crazy, he might have lived as an anonymous engineer.

Books change people.

One sharing changes the world!

Book donation and sponsorship

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