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Reading movement

Books are a smart choice to get the most out of a small investment.

We not only supply books, but also develop reading education and book reading campaigns that derive practical value from books. To this end, effective reading education methods are being developed.

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our declaration

  1. We believe that reading is the most cost-effective tool to grow people and strive to develop effective reading methods.

  2. We develop reading programs that provide effective input and output.

  3. We strive to cultivate reading leaders so that reading can settle down in a country.

  4. In connection with various reading movement organizations, the reading movement is carried out together.

  5. In order to effectively expand reading, we share good book information by recommending a list of books and books that can change your life and interest in reading.

Reading Leadership Training Course

We are running a reading leader training program for reading education. This program consists of global reading instructors and reading group leader training.

The Global Reading Educator Training helps you achieve a globally recognized reading educator credential. To this end, reading education experts give lectures and learn reading education theories and practical application methods.

Also, the book club leader training is a program for leaders who will lead the book club. Through this training, you will learn how to effectively run book clubs and how to create reading education contents.


reading group exercise

We are running various reading meetings.

Among them, there are character reading groups that study based on 12 core qualities, management reading groups that focus on character within the company, parent reading groups, family reading groups, and pastors’ combined reading groups.

Through these reading groups, we provide opportunities to enjoy reading and grow in various fields.

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