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Establishment of Hope Library

We are committed to providing books to children by establishing the Hope Library, spreading a culture of reading, and dreaming of a better future. By providing children with opportunities to receive education, they can escape from poverty and inequality, and develop their own It is the foundation to achieve your dreams. 

The Hope Library is a place where children's dreams and hopes come true. Through books, we support children's experiences in the world and help them gain the knowledge and confidence they need to shape their future.

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Providing books and spreading a reading culture

Our Hope Library provides books to children living in poor areas. This gives children access to a variety of stories and knowledge. We are also creating a culture of enjoying reading together.


Provide educational opportunities to broaden knowledge and experience

Our Hope Library provides not only reading but also various educational opportunities. This allows children to broaden their knowledge and experience.

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Providing a foundation to pioneer the future by supporting dreams and hopes 

We want to be the foundation for pioneering the future of children. So, we provide a variety of support to help children achieve their dreams and hopes.


Building a cost-effective library

We will set up a library using existing building spaces and establish a system to receive books donated in collaboration with local institutions. If we do, we will keep the cost of construction to a minimum.

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