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One Book
One dream

For those facing unable to envision dream, we offer the gift of dreams through books and characters.

We believe the power of reading. 

We will build a Hope Library in the third world to make this belief.

We offer the gift of dreams, brought to life through books and characters, to those who are unable to envision them.

One book can change a person's life.  

​Hope Library

​What HopeLibrary does 

Hopelibrary Free Reading App

This app is designed to help you read books quickly and easily on your mobile device. Users can search for books of different genres and subjects, add them to their favorites, and manage their reading history. Also, while reading, you can use the notes and highlight features to organize what you read. 

​planned to give Third World students the freedom to read the new book by translating it into their language. 

Core Values of HopeLibrary


Dream big, live passionately, and share your talents and resources to support others' dreams. The size of your dreams determines the size of your life. Pursuing your passions with all your heart can lead to a fulfilling and abundant life.


The best investment you can make is in yourself. You can develop your abilities and character by reading and growing as a person. By sharing what you learn, you can help others grow too. So, invest in yourself and your future!

여자 색칠


Let's study and give to others!

This world becomes more beautiful and fulfilling when we share. We can live a life of giving back by sharing the resources and fruits of our labor through the Hope Library dream-sharing platform. Let's stand in solidarity with those in need and work together towards this goal.

 our vision 

10 thousands

10,000 HopeLibrary

100 thousands

Cultivating 100,000 reading leaders

1.0 Million

Create 1 million reading groups 

나무 책장
  • We are building a library of hope to make books easily accessible for everyone.

  • We provide scholarships and educational resources to help people achieve their dreams.

  • Our goal is to create a strong network of people and resources to support each other's dreams.

  • Our reading program offers quality books for self-development, and we support talents and resources that can help individuals achieve their goals.

  • Our ultimate aim is to create leaders who will lead a reading movement worldwide


The calling of a reading leader

  1. Be alive              Human life

  2. Be disciple         Nurture person

  3. Be leadership    Building people

A leader who wants to grow through books.

  1. The ability to serve the world powerfully,

  2. A spirituality that pursues outstanding values,

  3. Intelligence that knows the world and people and grows oneself,

  4. A  person with good character to exert a good influence. 

​Global Reading Instructor Certificate

“Global Reading Educators recommend books across a range of topics and cultures, teach reading habits and stimulate intellectual curiosity. Reading helps you develop yourself and realize your dreams." 

Reading group leader certificate

“We effectively lead reading groups and teach reading methods that enable effective reading. ”

Hope Library, a corporation, posts (connects) the Internet homepage opened by the public interest violation management and supervision agency as follows.

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